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5 Things you didn’t Know about Adult Entertainment Escort Service January 2, 2017


The adult entertainment industry is filled with many players. Many people want to have fun by inviting escorts to their parties where they make the whole party awesome by offering their best services to invited men. For private parties that are hosted in private lounges, it is very likely that you will find many invited escorts to offer sex services to the guests. The finest girls in any city are called upon and paid to entertain the guests. The girls are brought in plenty ensuring that every person will have at least one or more girls dancing for them or offering sex services in the private rooms. If you are interested in finding a good hooker, here are some things that you didn’t know about the escorts;

The call girls are ready to offer sex for money at any time. Most married men prefer spending the night with the escort at the bar where they met or go to a quiet place that is some miles away from the city. Getting into the agreement on what payment you will make is agreed before leaving the bar. Some escorts not only offer the sex services but also entertain in the pubs. They play on the podium and stripper poles with their exposed bodies to get the attention of men.

Escorts are rated on the internet
Most cities where the city life is unstoppable have many escorts who show up on the streets, clubs, and night casino. These girls come dressed in beautiful clothes so that they can lure men to sleep with them. The popular spots where you can pick a certain escort is easy to identify. Ratings are done on the internet by frequent customers hence you can rely on this information. Often choose those clubs and lodgings where these girls are said to offer the best services to their visitors for the night.
Escorts can serve more than one client
As opposed to what many people think, you can get one escort and have sex services among different male counterparts. Duo threesomes are very common for males who wish to pay one beautiful girl a higher price for the favors they receive during that period. The agreement on terms of payment is agreed before the actual act cab start. The escorts are experts and will serve you in any style and position which you wish to be held in. They are enthusiastic about their service and will leave your sexual desire fully satisfied. Another important thing is that you do not have to look for them for a long time. These girls are available everywhere and offer similar services to the visitors.

Sheckys Escorts in Vegas

Escorts go on tour
During celebrations or holidays when many people are on vacation, some call girl firms organize places where people can meet these ladies and hire them for the night. Rooms are booked in the best city hotels where the customers can meet their favorite girls and spend the night or several hours with them. The rate charged depend on the type of sex that you are offered, and the time it is going to take. The tours are organized from time to time and are economically viable. More escorts make higher earnings during these visits which target populated cities where people enjoy these services.

Escorts offer different services
While prostitution in many countries is not appreciated or legalized, these escorts offer many services to me who want to have a real time with the pretty woman. The main service that they provide to their customers is sexual services. The sex can be of any nature which the customer is satisfied with. Some will even offer blowjobs to satisfy their customers to the fullest. Before choosing a hooker to spend the rest of the night with, ensure you understand what they offer and their rates of service. Some call girls are very flexible and will visit your home or private club. The agreement is made on a call, and you can take her to your place of choice and make the agreed payment.

Escorts have a secret lingo
The agencies that are involved in providing sexual services in favor for money have secret slangs and codes of communicating to customers online. The advertising is free on the internet, but some pages restrict some images and messages. To overcome these barriers, the lingo is used in communication to people who are in need of these services at a time. You will search within a short time and have a list of all places where you can meet the most beautiful escorts near you. The code has been useful especially in states where the act of prostitution has been banned. People will still enjoy these services without exposing the ladies who are involved. For a regular customer, the code is easy to understand.

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Things to Consider: Pros and Cons of hiring an Escort in Las Vegas November 9, 2016


Sin City. The perfect description for Las Vegas; the city of lights, gambling, and every fantasy you can dream of. Las Vegas provides amazing experiences, fun and adventures! Among offering incredible restaurants, casinos and hotels, Vegas has some of the most prominent strip clubs and escort services. The sexually charged energy in Vegas is intoxicating.

Hiring an Escort in Vegas, there are several questions to ask yourself. Is it safe? Is it legal? Is it worth it? There are some definite pros and cons and many avenues to seek. Each avenue has its own risk. It’s important to remember that prostitution in Nevada is legal but can be prosecuted in Clark County(where Las Vegas is located). Below is a general overview of the pros that can come along with both independent and agency escorts.

Pros of Hiring a Las Vegas Escort Agency

Variety. Escort agencies have a variety of escorts. Any escort for every fantasy. Finding that one shouldn’t be a daunting task.
Discretion. Hiring an escort is something that you or anyone wants to remain private. Seeking an escort through a licensed service will almost always result in complete discretion. This will make it a little easier to share your fantasies and enjoy your moments.
Safe. When dealing with a legit Vegas escort service, safety risks are minimized. Not only are the escorts protected, so are you. Scamming and diseases won’t be a worry going through an agency.

Pros of Hiring a Las Vegas Independent Escort

Face to Face. Escort agencies provide a large variety, which can be a little impersonal. When seeking independent escorts, you get to meet them face to face.
Negotiation. While with an agency, you usually must be very specific; with an independent escort, you can negotiate these terms and prices. Some may not be willing but some may. Also, because independent escorts can determine the services they provide as well as the price, it is easier to change or add a request. No need to slow down the momentum and get these requests approved by a third party.
Cheaper. Overall independent escorts are generally cheaper. Less hands involved means less hands that need to be paid. An independent escort gets to keep all their earnings. This will make the rates cheaper.

Just like having pros, each type of escort service also has its cons. Some cons are outlined below.

Cons of Hiring a Las Vegas Escort Service

Impersonal. Most escort agencies have a website that you choose your dream date from. Many rarely have a physical showroom. This makes the selection difficult, especially if seeking a certain personality.
Expensive. Budget is something we think about regardless of the service we are shopping for. This is no different when hiring an escort. Licensed escort services charge more because they offer more. For the less picky who aren’t looking to spend top dollar, independent may be best.
Strict. Escorting agencies control the services provided. Not following those guidelines can result in you being dropped as a client and the escort losing her job. If you are seeking a bit of spontaneity, seek independent.
Illegal. In Clark County, which is where Las Vegas is, prostitution is illegal. So, if you are seeking an escort for sexual purposes, this may be hard to find through an agency. Some agencies do offer the services discreetly, but due to it being illegal, it can be tricky to find those agencies. Shop with caution.

Cons of Hiring a Las Vegas Independent Escort

Scams. Many people seeking an individual escort have fallen victim to a scam. Some are seeking to take advantage of clients and rob them of their money. Remaining cautious during transactions.
Lack of Disease Screening. With STDs running rampant, sexual health is very important to take into consideration. When seeking an independent escort, keep in mind that you have no idea of her background and safety measures.
Quality. Independent escorts oversee finding and picking their own clients. For those that aren’t as charismatic or attractive, this could pose a difficulty. Always represent yourself positively.
Illegal. This risk is equal to an escort agency, however, the risk of running into an undercover fall heavily on the agency. When in search of an independent escort, you run the risk of soliciting services from an undercover. This could lead to possible arrests and prosecutions.

All in all, picking an agency or independent escort can be a tricky. You must do your own research and decide based on your wants and needs. Shop Around. Be specific. Be diligent. And most of all, have fun!

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How to Hire the Right Escort September 20, 2016


When it comes to finding an escort there are a couple of things that people need to keep in mind. The experience can certainly be a good one if you take the time to implement a couple of things before you go out in search of an escort. The following tips can be very useful for anyone that is trying to pick the right escort.

1. Compare the Escort Agencies

The first order of business involves comparing the different escort agencies. There are a ton of different agencies that offer people the chance to acquire an escort, but there are subtle differences that people need to notice upfront. There are some escorts that give people access to women of many different nationalities. There are other escort services that are smaller, and this results in a small selection of women of different backgrounds.

It can be a good idea to check out the websites and see the escorts that are listed on the website first. It is a good idea to check the profiles and get a vibe for what these women are like. You don’t want to find yourself getting disappointed by the escorts that you select.

2. Find the Escort that Fulfills Your Fantasy

Escorts can be costly so it is going to be relevant to make sure that she fulfills whatever need you may have. Some people just want an escort that is going to look good on their arms for an evening out. There are so many different types of escorts. There are some that are going to pretend to be your girlfriend if that is what you need. You can build a background story, and they will help you pull off whatever type of need that you have.

There are other times when the escort is there is fulfill the need for some companionship. This may be for the course of one night. This may be for more than one night. This is something that you have to confirm upfront.

Lollipop Escorts

3. Know What Your Expectations Are Upfront

The thing that you must do is clarify your expectations early. That is why you need to know about the costs and prepare a budget for this upfront. There are some escorts that are only available for dates. They may be seen with you in public, but there is no affection behind closed doors. For some people that are using escorts this may be fine. For most people that are spending high dollar amounts they are going to want more than this. That is why it is important to find out what is available upfront.

When you clarify your expectations upfront there is no confusion. You get the chance to pick someone that gives you access to all that you want, but you have to specify what you are looking for. Some escorts have an open window because they charge by the hour. It may simply start out as a date, and the night may turn into more. What you have to realize, however, is that this escort is still on the clock. It doesn’t matter how magical you may have thought the night may have turned out to be. If the escort service moves from a formal outing to an overnight rendezvous, there is still a fee involved for the time that is spent. There are no free perks or extras that come with any of these deals. That is why a budget needs to be established, and some type of expectations need to be clarified from the very beginning.

When you are getting your budget together you are going to want to know if these escorts are in-call and out-call girls. An independent agency is usually the best thing type of company to consider for escort services so you should make sure that the escorts are associated with independent agencies.

4. Google the Escort Service and the Escort

The popular escort services and escorts are popular for a reason. There will usually be some comments posted online somewhere in a forum or on social media. Someone somewhere has tried these escort services, and they have either been pleased or disappointed. In this day and age of social media both of these parties are going to be eager to tell their stories to all that are willing to listen.

Escorts, as discreet as they may seem, will still have a reputation online. This is why it pays to Google them upfront. Some escorts double as erotic entertainers. It is fairly easy to find information about them because there are entire websites that give reviews. There are sites that will provide information on the VIP services for clients. That is how you discover, in great detail, how far these women are willing to go for their clients.

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History of escorts and escort service March 7, 2016


Escorts and escort service have been existence for a long period. These started from the ancient times where it was a practice in the temples as a way of worship. During this period, the main name that was used to refer to this type of practice was prostitution. Many people did this as a way of worship. Prostitution can either be legal or illegal depending on the manner in which it is carried out. If it is a local arrangement between two people and does not involve any third party, it can be referred to as illegal. It can be referred to as illegal because it does not have any taxation returns yet it is a business. Some people, therefore, thought it better to come up with companies that can have the escorts and do it as a legal business.
Prostitution was carried out in the temples until the 4th AD when the new emperor destroyed all the goddess that were worshiped in the temple and replaced the practice with Christianity. By the early 18th century there was a need to protect the rights of women. Protecting the prostitutes was one of the main agenda that the government of Mesopotamia did. It resulted from the fact that many people misused the women and were not willing to pay them after receiving the services from them. In ancient Greece, prostitution was carried out by both boys and women. Female prostitutes were people who were sometimes very influential, and one had to pay a lot of money to have sex with them. They were also expected to pay tax because this was a form of business that they took part in. The government, therefore, expected them to pay taxes for the activities.
The women were also expected to wear distinctive dresses so that anyone who needed their services could easily spot them. For one to be qualified as a prostitute she had to be gorgeous to attract many clients. Another region that had prostitutes from the ancient times is Rome. The practice was legal and recognized as one of the business activities that could be taxed by the government. There were many similar things with the Greek way of doing prostitution but with time most of the prostitutes were people who came from other countries. This was in a way a form of slavery that was carried out in Rome and its environs. During this period the practice was also used as a way of punishing women who took part in criminal activities. Anyone who wanted to buy a prostitute had the right to inspect the body before they pay for the services.
The practice was also very common in Asia which was a region that was mainly inhabited by Muslims. The main work of the prostitutes in this region was to entertain guests. Only the wealthy people in the society could afford these services. The prostitutes were expected to learn different types of dance styles that they would use to entertain their guests. Education was very important for one to thrive in the industry. The most educated women were loved by many wealthy people since it was seen that they had a high level of sophistication. Most of the women ended up becoming great celebrities and made a lot of income from this activity.

During the middle age, this activity took another turn. The main service that one expected to get when they paid a woman was sex. There are many women who were interested in the activity as a way of getting income. It was also during this period that unemployment started becoming a threat to the lives of many youths. They were therefore left with the option of becoming prostitutes or call girls to earn a living. The practice spread very first to other parts of the world. There were many countries that recognized it as a legal business and the women were taxed. Many people, therefore, started seeing it as a business opportunity that they would invest in to earn income. It was a good business because there were many women willing to join and the clients were also available in large numbers.
The development continued up to the 21st century where it is done in an organized manner. Anyone that wants to visit a place for the first time and needs company can book an escort in a given company. Apart from the company that the lady will offer them, there are other services like massage and sexual services that the clients will get. The client will be expected to pay for the services at the agency where the employee will be paid. The business is recognized by many governments and is taxed just like the other types of activities. This organization has led to reduced number of harassment cases where clients would harass the ladies and even get the services without paying for them.

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