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Things to Consider: Pros and Cons of hiring an Escort in Las Vegas November 9, 2016


Sin City. The perfect description for Las Vegas; the city of lights, gambling, and every fantasy you can dream of. Las Vegas provides amazing experiences, fun and adventures! Among offering incredible restaurants, casinos and hotels, Vegas has some of the most prominent strip clubs and escort services. The sexually charged energy in Vegas is intoxicating.

Hiring an Escort in Vegas, there are several questions to ask yourself. Is it safe? Is it legal? Is it worth it? There are some definite pros and cons and many avenues to seek. Each avenue has its own risk. It’s important to remember that prostitution in Nevada is legal but can be prosecuted in Clark County(where Las Vegas is located). Below is a general overview of the pros that can come along with both independent and agency escorts.

Pros of Hiring a Las Vegas Escort Agency

Variety. Escort agencies have a variety of escorts. Any escort for every fantasy. Finding that one shouldn’t be a daunting task.
Discretion. Hiring an escort is something that you or anyone wants to remain private. Seeking an escort through a licensed service will almost always result in complete discretion. This will make it a little easier to share your fantasies and enjoy your moments.
Safe. When dealing with a legit Vegas escort service, safety risks are minimized. Not only are the escorts protected, so are you. Scamming and diseases won’t be a worry going through an agency.

Pros of Hiring a Las Vegas Independent Escort

Face to Face. Escort agencies provide a large variety, which can be a little impersonal. When seeking independent escorts, you get to meet them face to face.
Negotiation. While with an agency, you usually must be very specific; with an independent escort, you can negotiate these terms and prices. Some may not be willing but some may. Also, because independent escorts can determine the services they provide as well as the price, it is easier to change or add a request. No need to slow down the momentum and get these requests approved by a third party.
Cheaper. Overall independent escorts are generally cheaper. Less hands involved means less hands that need to be paid. An independent escort gets to keep all their earnings. This will make the rates cheaper.

Just like having pros, each type of escort service also has its cons. Some cons are outlined below.

Cons of Hiring a Las Vegas Escort Service

Impersonal. Most escort agencies have a website that you choose your dream date from. Many rarely have a physical showroom. This makes the selection difficult, especially if seeking a certain personality.
Expensive. Budget is something we think about regardless of the service we are shopping for. This is no different when hiring an escort. Licensed escort services charge more because they offer more. For the less picky who aren’t looking to spend top dollar, independent may be best.
Strict. Escorting agencies control the services provided. Not following those guidelines can result in you being dropped as a client and the escort losing her job. If you are seeking a bit of spontaneity, seek independent.
Illegal. In Clark County, which is where Las Vegas is, prostitution is illegal. So, if you are seeking an escort for sexual purposes, this may be hard to find through an agency. Some agencies do offer the services discreetly, but due to it being illegal, it can be tricky to find those agencies. Shop with caution.

Cons of Hiring a Las Vegas Independent Escort

Scams. Many people seeking an individual escort have fallen victim to a scam. Some are seeking to take advantage of clients and rob them of their money. Remaining cautious during transactions.
Lack of Disease Screening. With STDs running rampant, sexual health is very important to take into consideration. When seeking an independent escort, keep in mind that you have no idea of her background and safety measures.
Quality. Independent escorts oversee finding and picking their own clients. For those that aren’t as charismatic or attractive, this could pose a difficulty. Always represent yourself positively.
Illegal. This risk is equal to an escort agency, however, the risk of running into an undercover fall heavily on the agency. When in search of an independent escort, you run the risk of soliciting services from an undercover. This could lead to possible arrests and prosecutions.

All in all, picking an agency or independent escort can be a tricky. You must do your own research and decide based on your wants and needs. Shop Around. Be specific. Be diligent. And most of all, have fun!

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